Services at Every Level

Explore our services and decide the best service for your organization. We offer everything from end-to-end service and project management to just finding you the best software partner to execute your project. And you decide how much or little you wish to be involved in each stage.

Assessment Service

Not sure where to start? Complex existing IT infrastructure? Little to no time to assess the situation? All the above?

We're here to help. We provide the initial assessment service that provides you with a good view of your organization's digital needs and the existing infrastructure and assets.

After the assessment, it's easier to plan how to proceed and which projects to prioritize to optimally boost your business. It is also vital to understand which processes do not require additional digital solutions. Less is more.

After we have formed a good understanding of your organisation's processes and overall business we will present you with our findings and go forward by creating the digital strategy especially for your organisation.

You can spend as much or as little time in the process of making the strategy depending on how many resources you have.

With a clear strategy outlining the priorities regarding implementing digital solutions it's easier to develop the right solutions to meet the organisation's needs.

Digital Strategy

Implementation Service

Very few life science industry organisations have their dedicated software development organisation unless it's developing the organisation's core technologies.

This is where we can help as well. From our partner network of software development companies and digital life science companies, we can find the optimal partner to implement the solution your organisation needs.

It can be difficult to evaluate which software development companies are reliable, available and best suited for your development needs. So, let us help since we have done that work for you.

Even a relatively small digital project requires a huge amount of communication. And should this communication break down or be inadequate, your organisation risks the project falling short of its goals, costing more or even fail completely.

We can provide Project Managers and Product Owners for all the digitalisation projects. We ensure that the development company understands what are the actual requirements and goals and make sure the communication works even when the situation evolves and unseen changes take place.

You don't have to worry and you know we understand your biological and digital needs.

Project Management


Product Owners